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Journal of Transport and Land Use  [230]

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The Journal of Transport and Land Use (JTLU) was established in 2008 as an interdisciplinary open-access, peer-reviewed journal focusing on the interaction of transport and land use. Domains include engineering, planning, modeling, behavior, economics, geography, regional science, sociology, architecture and design, network science, and complex systems. The University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies is the publisher and primary sponsor of JTLU. Since 2011, JTLU has been the official journal of the World Society for Transport and Land Use Research (WSTLUR). Since 2009, it has been published three times per year.

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Prudential measures in housing access: Should one include transport costs in the front-end ratio?

Coulombel, Nicolas (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2017)
A widespread prudential measure limits the housing expense ratio—defined as the share of income spent on the rent or loan payment—to ensure household solvency. This policy is increasingly criticized, however, as it would ...

Multi-dimensional geometric complexity in urban transportation systems

Peiravian, Farideddin; Derrible, Sybil (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2017)
Transportation networks serve as windows into the complex world of urban systems. By properly characterizing a road network, one can better understand its encompassing urban system. This study offers a geometrical approach ...

Using trip chaining and joint travel as mediating variables to explore the relationships among travel behavior, socio-demographics, and urban form

Chen, Yu-Jen; Akar, Gulsah (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2017)
Using the 2012 Household Travel Survey data for the Cleveland metropolitan area, this study aims to examine the connections between travel behavior by using trip chaining and joint travel as mediating variables of travel ...

The freight landscape: Convergence and divergence in urban freight distribution

Rodrigue, Jean-Paul; Dablanc, Laetitia; Giuliano, Genevieve (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2017)
This paper introduces the concept of the freight landscape: the spatial distribution of freight activity and intensity in a metropolitan area. Using population and employment density information, a freight landscape matrix ...

The effect of light rail transit on land-use development in a city without zoning

Lee, Richard J.; Sener, Ipek N. (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2017)
Light rail transit (LRT) has become a popular strategy to improve accessibility and mobility in the United States. It has also been touted as a tool to spur urban growth, higher-density development, and revitalization in ...

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