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Journal of Transport and Land Use  [224]

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The Journal of Transport and Land Use (JTLU) was established in 2008 as an interdisciplinary open-access, peer-reviewed journal focusing on the interaction of transport and land use. Domains include engineering, planning, modeling, behavior, economics, geography, regional science, sociology, architecture and design, network science, and complex systems. The University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies is the publisher and primary sponsor of JTLU. Since 2011, JTLU has been the official journal of the World Society for Transport and Land Use Research (WSTLUR). Since 2009, it has been published three times per year.

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The Propensity to Cycle Tool: An open source online system for sustainable transport planning

Lovelace, Robin; Goodman, Anna; Aldred, Rachel; Berkoff, Nikolai; Abbas, Ali; Woodcock, James (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2017)
Getting people cycling is an increasingly common objective in transport planning institutions worldwide. A growing evidence base indicates that high quality infrastructure can boost local cycling rates. Yet for infrastructure ...

How do socio-demographics and built environment affect individual accessibility based on activity space? Evidence from Greater Cleveland, Ohio

Chen, Na; Akar, Gulsah (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2017)
Since the early 2000s, accessibility-based planning has been increasingly used to mitigate urban problems (e.g., traffic congestion and spatial mismatch) from a sustainable perspective. In particular, the concept of ...

Feedback and the use of land for parking

Lehe, Lewis (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2017)
Land-use patterns are often the result of feedback effects in which one agent's decision both influences and is influenced by urban form. This paper argues that such feedback—of a positive or negative kind—could plausibly ...

Synergistic neighborhood relationships with travel behavior: An analysis of travel in 30,000 US neighborhoods

Turley Voulgaris, Carole; Taylor, Brian D.; Blumenberg, Evelyn; Brown, Anne; Ralph, Kelcie (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2017)
A now substantial body of literature finds that land use and urban form have a statistically significant, albeit relatively modest, effect on travel behavior. Some scholars have suggested that various built-environment ...

Coping with interrelatedness and fragmentation at the infrastructure/ land-use interface: The potential merits of a design approach

Heeres, Niels; van Dijk, Terry; Arts, Jos; Tillema, Taede (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2017)
Road infrastructure projects are increasingly placed in their wider land-use context because of the functional relationships they have with surrounding areas. These more inclusive area-oriented planning processes typically ...

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