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University of Minnesota - Twin Cities  [52248]

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An Eye-Tracking Study of Experience-Driven Attention and Transfer to Related Tasks

Salovich, Nikita A (2016-09)
Spatial attention is frequently influenced by previous experiences, often without explicit awareness. This influence of previous experiences on spatial attention can lead to statistical learning and the formation of habitual ...

The State of Hispanic Linguistics in the American University: Some Trends

Ocampo, Francisco (Hispanic Issues Series, 2006)

Hispanic Linguistics in the USA

Hualde, José Ignacio (Hispanic Issues Series, 2006)

Hispanic Linguistics: In a Glass House or a Glass Box?

Lipski, John M. (Hispanic Issues Series, 2006)

Thoughts on the Place of Spanish Linguistics in the American University

Dworkin, Steven N. (Hispanic Issues Series, 2006)

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