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A Conversation with Al Franken

Jacobs, Lawrence R. (2020-09-23)

Tweeting Out Loud: Prosodic Orthography on Social Media

Heath, Maria (2021-06)
In this dissertation, I examine the connections between orthography and spoken prosody in relation to English CMC (Computer Mediated Communication). Beginning from the theory that certain nonstandard uses of orthography ...

Teaching one in the presence of many: A design-based research study on developing a multilingual instructional sequence in a foreign language classroom in India

Gopalakrishnan, Anuradha (2021-06)
Multilingual instruction takes many shapes and forms depending on the affordances and limitations of the context in which it is implemented. Because multilingual instruction is often context-specific, it has to be designed ...

Hierarchical visual processing of stimuli with varying complexity

Ge, Yijun (2021-06)
Our visual system samples external information, adjusts its sensitivity and constructs a stable representation of the world that allows us to perceive and interact with objects in our environments. Visual information with ...

The Irrationality of Contacting the Police: Crime Reporting in Contexts of Mistrust

Heimark, Katrina (2021-06)
Why people turn to weak, corrupt and/or failing criminal justice institutions in the event of victimization is the central question motivating this dissertation. I take a multidisciplinary approach to understanding ...

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