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Connecting variation in genome structure and chromatin composition in Zea mays

Noshay, Jaclyn (2021-02)
In many crop species there is tremendous intraspecific variation for genome structure due to highly variable transposon insertions. The goal of my thesis research is to provide insight on genetic and epigenetic dynamics ...

Biomaterial Platforms to Study Cancer Dormancy and Develop Therapeutic Strategies for Breast and Ovarian Cancers

Lee, Hak Rae (2020-03)
In breast and ovarian cancer, the primary source of mortality is metastasis. Even in patients who are thought to be cancer-free after initial treatment, metastatic recurrence after months or years of asymptomatic latency ...

A Comparison of Two Low-Dimensional Manifold Combustion Models for Nonpremixed Supersonic Combustion

Mrema, Honest (2021-03)
High fidelity methods to simulate high speed turbulent combustion are of interest to the advancement of hypersonic air-breathing propulsion systems.These methods need to be cost-effective and efficient in order to be of ...

Defect Engineering in Perovskite Oxide Thin Films and Heterostructures

Prakash, Abhinav (2019-03)
Perovskite oxide (ABO3 type compounds) is an important class of materials exhibiting a wide range of functionalities. However, in comparison to conventional semiconductors such as silicon, they possess orders of magnitude ...

Towards More Effective Traffic Analysis in the Tor Network.

Oh, Se Eun (2021-02)
Tor is perhaps the most well-known anonymous network, used by millions of daily users to hide their sensitive internet activities from servers, ISPs, and potentially, nation-state adversaries. Tor provides low-latency ...

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