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University of Minnesota Twin Cities  [70363]

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Catalyst (July 2020)

Center for Transportation Studies (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2020-07)
Articles include: Transitway investment leads to higher regional GDP, job growth, and accessibility; Cooperative agreements bring benefits and risks for local governments; Student project analyzes road-funding tools for ...

Feasibility Study for a Heritage Farm in Pine River, MN

Panda, Anindya K. (University of Minnesota Extension. Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), and Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships., 2020-05)
This report presents findings from the financial analysis of a heritage farm proposed to be set up in Pine River, Minnesota. Heritage Group North, Inc. is spearheading the idea of setting up the proposed heritage farm with ...

National Loon Center & Northern Lakes Initiative Schematic Design - Crosslake, Minnesota

Girard, Michele (University of Minnesota Extension. Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, 2020-05)
The National Loon Center (NLC) is estimated to be constructed in 2022 in Crosslake, Minnesota. The purpose of this educational center is to have visitors experience, educate, and engage with the common loon and the greater ...

Ionic Ratio Measurements in Small Bore Helium-Neon D.C. Discharges

Gontarek, Craig Erwin (1996-06)
A system was designed and constructed to experimentally determine the ion species present in a small bore (2 millimeter diameter) helium-neon discharge operated in a bypass configuration. Measurements of the ion species ...

Data for "Scattering mechanisms and mobility enhancement in epitaxial BaSnO3thin films probed via electrolyte gating"

Wang, Helin; Prakash, Abhinav; Reich, Konstantin; Ganguly, Koustav; Leighton, Chris (2020-08-05)
Data includes temperature-dependent electronic transport (sheet resistance, electron density, and mobility) of ion-gel-gated BaSnO3 thin films of various thicknesses and growth methods. The mobility vs electron density ...

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