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University of Minnesota - Twin Cities  [52596]

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Afterword: Vicente Huidobro's Futurity Is Now: ¿Por qué?

Kaufman, Robert (Hispanic Issues Series, 2010)

Huidobro's Futurity: Twenty-First Century Approaches. Contributors

Unknown author (Hispanic Issues Series, 2010)

Human Rights in Latin American and Iberian Cultures: Introduction

Forcinito, Ana; Marrero-Fente, Raúl; McDonough, Kelly (Hispanic Issues Series, 2009)

Who Speaks for the "Human" in Human Rights?

Mignolo, Walter D. (Hispanic Issues Series, 2009)

Unpacking the "Human" in "Human Rights": Bare Life in the Age of Endless War

Avelar, Idelber (Hispanic Issues Series, 2009)

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