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University of Minnesota Twin Cities  [74735]

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Laws, markets, and local politics drive outcomes of Minnesota’s county managed forests

Fleischman, Forrest; Schmitz, Marissa; Poljacik, Kelsey (Journal of Forestry, 2021)
There are frequently calls to increase local government control over forests in the US. Minnesota’s county forests contain approximately 30% of all local government managed forests in the United States. These forests are ...

Identifying Transit Needs in Carver County

Mueller, Katherine; Stumpff, Spencer; Nordgren, Jacob; Stibbe, Zach (Resilient Communities Project (RCP), University of Minnesota, 2021)
This project was completed as part of a partnership between Carver County, the Metropolitan Council, and the University of Minnesota’s Resilient Communities Project ( The goal of this project was ...

Graduate Catalog, 2018-2020

University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota, 2018)

Graduate Catalog, 2016-2018

University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota, 2016)

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