Applied Psychological Measurement

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Applied Psychological Measurement (APM), a research journal that publishes leading-edge methodological research on the measurement of individual differences in psychological, educational, and other social sciences variables, was begun in 1977 by Professor David J. Weiss of the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota. Professor Weiss edited the journal for its first 25 years. APM was first published by West Publishing Company of St. Paul, Minnesota, during 1977-1980. In 1980, Professor Weiss founded Applied Psychological Measurement Inc., a non-profit tax-exempt scientific publishing corporation, to continue publishing APM. APM Inc. acquired the copyrights from West Publishing for Volumes 1 through 4 and published the journal through its 20th volume (1996). APM was sold to Sage Publications in 1997, who continues to publish the journal. Funds from that sale and subsequent royalties remain with APM Inc. and are used to support graduate student research in psychological and educational measurement.

This archive includes all the regular articles published in Volumes 1 through 20 (1977 through 1996). Published material not included in these archives, or in the archived Tables of Contents, includes material such as Book Reviews, Computer Program Exchanges, Software Reviews, and announcements. This material is available in the printed copies of the journal and can be obtained through a library. In the few cases for which corrections were published after the original articles were published, the corrections have been inserted into the article files in this archive.

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