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Neuroscience knowledge enriches pedagogical choices
(Elsevier, 2019-04-19) Schwartz, Mark S; Hinesley, Vicki; Chang, Zhengsi; Dubinsky, Janet M
Teachers face a daunting challenge in balancing the demands of employing student-centered pedagogies in contexts where mandated testing and district teaching expectations can easily constrain or compromise their pedagogy. In this pilot study, we investigated how professional development based on the “neuroscience of learning” impacted non-science teacher understanding of basic neuroscience; and, in turn, how that knowledge impacted their reflections on pedagogy. In a pre/post design, teacher understanding of neuroscience improved significantly after the 36-h course based upon a set of educational neuroscience concepts. Furthermore, teacher revisions of their lesson plans after the course revealed the integration of more student-centered pedagogies.
UMD GLBT Advisory Commission Brochure (2004)
(2004) University of Minnesota Duluth. GLBT Advisory Commission
TRANS*FORMATION Student Organization Brochure
(2013) University of Minnesota Duluth. TRANS*FORMATION
1st Annual National Coming Out Day Reception (2006-10-09)
(2006) University of Minnesota Duluth. GLBT Advisory Commission; University of Minnesota Duluth. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Services