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Dissertations and Theses  [7343]

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Dissertations and theses in the University Digital Conservancy comprise the official, approved version of these works. The dissertations and theses in the Digital Conservancy are submitted through the Graduate School in accordance with University standards. Works contributed to the Conservancy serve as a permanent University of Minnesota record of graduate student scholarship. Electronic submission of dissertations to the Digital Conservancy date from 2007. Master's Plan A theses date from 2009.

Online availability of earlier dissertations and theses include a majority of works completed prior to 1923 as well as works made available by individual alumni. Earlier dissertations and theses may be accessed onsite in paper form, or through interlibrary loan, or through the online Digital Dissertations database. Check the University Libraries catalog for holdings information or contact the University of Minnesota Archives for these earlier works. For more information, please see the FAQ on Master's Theses and Dissertations.

Recently Added

Venous thromboembolism: Lifetime risk and novel risk factors

Bell, Elizabeth Jean (2015-03)
Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are viewed as different manifestations of the same disease process, termed venous thromboembolism (VTE). VTE represents a significant source of mortality and morbidity. The first ...

The Hygrothermal Performance of Cold Climate Basement Walls Retrofitted with Insulation and a Water Separation Plane

Harmon, Anna (2015-06)
This research studies the hygrothermal performance of hollow concrete masonry unit basement walls in cold climates retrofitted with insulation and a water separation plane. Four full-scale wall systems were constructed and ...

Minisatellites in meiosis: crossover regulation and stability of repetitive DNA.

LeClere, Andrea Ruth (2012-04)
The minisatellite associated with the human HRAS1 proto-oncogene has an enhancer effect on HRAS1 expression. Rare minisatellite alleles have stronger enhancer activity and are frequently found in primary tumors of cancer ...

Mid-Holocene Record of Lake Level Fluctuations and Episodic Eolian Activity, Lake Winnibigoshish North Central Minnesota

Broderius, Lisa (2015-10)
Approximately 1000 to 1500 years ago the Mississippi River diverted its flow path to Lake Winnibigoshish. This change had a dramatic effect on lake conditions. Prior to the diversion, due to its large size and its few ...

Communication in Membrane Repair

Mahling, Ryan W (2015-06)
The force generated by muscle cells places a high amount of stress on their plasma membranes creating lesions which must be effectively repaired in order for the cell to survive. Multiple proteins have been implicated in ...

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