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Master's Degree Culminating Works  [515]

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This is a collection of various types of works created by University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) graduate students as a requirement for receiving their master's degrees from programs based at UMD. It includes theses (for "Plan A" thesis-based master's degrees), projects (for "Plan B" project-based master's degrees), and papers (for "Plan C" coursework-based master's degrees). For more information about the distinctions between Plan As, Plan Bs, and Plan Cs, see the UMD Graduate School Degree Requirements webpage at

Please note, this collection contains only some of the degree-culminating works produced by UMD graduate students. Additional theses (not Plan Bs or Plan Cs) can be found in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities "Dissertations and Theses" collection.

Recently Added

The Historical Development of Islamic Lustre Overglazes and Experimentation and Exploration of Modern Methods of Lustre Production

Richmond, John (1975-07)
The technique of firing a metallic surface onto a glazed ceramic vessel developed and was mastered by the Islamic potter. The technique, referred to as a lustre overglaze decoration, has been admired by potters for ...

A History of Art Education

Burckhalter, Darlien Bauer (1968-08)

Metamorphism and Self Criticism

Eenglin, Donald E (1969-04)

A Search for Self

Hahn, Curtis R (1966-08)

Programs of In-Service Education for Elementary Art

Pearson, June Alida (1956-06)

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