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Master's Degree Culminating Works  [404]

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This is a collection of various types of works created by University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) graduate students as a requirement for receiving their master's degrees from programs based at UMD. It includes theses (for "Plan A" thesis-based master's degrees), projects (for "Plan B" project-based master's degrees), and papers (for "Plan C" coursework-based master's degrees). For more information about the distinctions between Plan As, Plan Bs, and Plan Cs, see the UMD Graduate School Degree Requirements webpage at

Please note, this collection contains only some of the degree-culminating works produced by UMD graduate students. Additional theses (not Plan Bs or Plan Cs) can be found in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities "Dissertations and Theses" collection.

Recently Added

A Possible Late Pleistocene Impact Crater in Central North America and Its Relation to the Younger Dryas Stadial

Tovar Rodriguez, David (2020-08-04)
The causes that started the Younger Dryas (YD) event remain hotly debated. Studies indicate that the drainage of Lake Agassiz into the North Atlantic Ocean and south through the Mississippi River caused a considerable ...

Duluth Area Teachers’ Perceptions of Nonformal Environmental Education Programs

Wilmoth, Emily (2018-05)
This study examined Duluth area (Minnesota, USA) elementary school teachers’ perceptions regarding the school-based environmental education (EE) programs provided by the non-profit organization Hawk Ridge Bird ...

Creating Connection to Nature: A Curriculum Project Combining Interpretation with Adventure Education

Bartels, Trisha (2019-10-14)
The purpose of this project was to create a curriculum that connects participants to nature by incorporating elements of both adventure education (i.e. mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, etc.) into an interpretive program, ...

Environmental Science Education Curriculum for Outdoor Learning in Cameroon’s English-Speaking Primary Schools. A Pilot Project for Mission Schools in Limbe 1 Sub Division-Cameroon

Nsangong, Kfukfu (2019-05)
Outdoor learning is an effective method of instruction that exposes learners to authentic hands-on experiences that are meaningful to them and contribute to their academic success. This also motivates them to be environmental ...

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