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Recently Added

Pope Francis' 2013 Book of Spiritual Exercise, and Walter J. Ong's Thought

Farrell, Thomas (This version was not previously published., 2021-05)
In my 3,200-word review essay "Pope Francis' 2013 Book of Spiritual Exercises, and Walter J. Ong's Thought," I highlight the short 135-page July 2013 book In Him Alone Is Our Hope: Spiritual Exercises Given to His Brother ...

The Effect of Electronic Cigarettes on Objective Vocal Measures as Compared to Users’ Perceptions

Dingmann, Sara (2021-05)
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the impacts of electronic cigarette use on vocal parameters compared to the impacts of tobacco cigarette use. In addition, this study served to determine participants’ ...

Comparison of hybrid poplar wood breakeven prices as affected by current and improved genetics

Lazarus, William F; Nelson, Neil D; Jackson, Jeffrey; Berguson, William E; McMahon, Bernard G; Buchman, Daniel; Cai, Meijun (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2021-05)
The impact of improved genetics from the University of Minnesota Duluth Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) hybrid poplar breeding program on breakeven hybrid poplar wood prices is discussed in this paper. After a ...

UMD Commencement (2021-05)

University of Minnesota Duluth (2021)

Political Tolerance and Ideology: Ideology as a Determinant of Political Tolerance

Skroch, Tiffani A (2021-05)
This study examines whether or not political ideology is a strong determinant of political tolerance, as has been found in previous studies. Participants of this study (N = 258) were asked to complete a survey asking ...