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This online service and space will permit the Kathryn A. Martin Library to continue its rich legacy of collecting, preserving, and making information accessible to students, faculty, researchers, and community members.

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Recently Added

Reaffirmation Review

Higher Learning Commission (Higher Learning Commission, 2018)

Federal Compliance Worksheet for Evaluation Teams

Higher Learning Commission (Higher Learning Commission, 2018)

Master of Education Open House (2019-04-29)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Department of Education (2019)
Join us to learn more about the M.Ed. program offered by the Department of Education at UMD. University of Minnesota employees may qualify for the Regents Scholarship to help pay tuition.

Aliento: Transforming Trauma into Hope + Action (2020-03-18)

Montoya, Reyna; University of Minnesota Duluth. Office of Diversity and Inclusion (2020)
Reyna Montoya is the founder and CEO of Aliento, a community organization for immigrant youth and migrant families. Learn about her journey from being isolated to using her voice for advocacy, action, and reaching across ...

Listening in the New Atlantic (2020-03-31)

Rzepka, Adam; Rzepka, Toby; Martins, Edward; Schwarze, Penny; University of Minnesota Duluth. Department of English, Linguistics and Writing Studies (2020)
A Discussion and Collaborative Performance combining Renaissance scholarship, historic instrument construction, and sound design to bring the music and soundscapes imagined by William Shakespeare and Francis Bacon to our ...