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This online service and space will permit the Kathryn A. Martin Library to continue its rich legacy of collecting, preserving, and making information accessible to students, faculty, researchers, and community members.

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Recently Added

An Intuitive Eating Intervention for Healthy Living Among University Employees

McCarthy, Hannah I (2021-05)
Programs that target weight management typically employ restrictive eating strategies to achieve weight loss. Although short-term weight loss is often attained, these traditional diet programs have been associated with ...

Sedimentation in the Duluth-Superior Harbor, Lake Superior

Barlaz, Dora Beth (1983-04)
The sedimentary environment of the Duluth-Superior Harbor was investigated by examination of surface sediment samples, borehole stratigraphy, seismic reflection profiles, and aerial photographs. Harbor sediments are ...

Surficial Geology of the Isabella Quadrangle, Northeastern Minnesota

Friedman, Albert Louis (1981-03)
A surficial-geologic map was constructed from field work, laboratory analysis, airphotos, and topographic maps. The study area is located in Lake County in northeastern Minnesota. Parts of the Isabella Quadrangle lie within ...

Michel Foucault's 2021 Book on Ancient Western Christianity, and Walter J. Ong's Thought

Farrell, Thomas (This version was not previously published., 2021-06)
In my 4,800-word review essay "Michel Foucault's 2021 Book on Ancient Western Christianity, and Walter J. Ong's Thought," I first highlight the mature thought of the American Jesuit Renaissance specialist and cultural ...