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Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships  [86]

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Nonprofit Use of Deep Winter Greenhouses: Minnesota Case Studies

Masterpole, Zoë (University of Minnesota Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnership, 2020)
A Deep Winter Greenhouse (DWG) captures solar heat and enables the growth of cold-weather crops all winter long, using minimal inputs of external light and heat. This report presents nine case studies of non-farm DWGs ...

Rutabaga Project and Arrowhead Grown Virginia, MN

Anderson, Megan; Harrison, Austin; Haubner, Joe; Kemp, Alec; Loegering, Nate; Zimmer, Lucas (University of Minnesota Duluth Labovitz School of Business and Economics, 2018)

Future of the Old Auditorium Adaptive Reuse Plan

Singh, Virajita; Leong, Kenos; Whittaker, Meighan (2019-11)
This research project supported a community effort with the Pennington County Old Auditorium Committee and other partners in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, to develop a conceptual plan for the future of an existing historic ...

Halal and Kosher Minnesota Meat Market Assessment: Analysis, Implications and Recommendations

Kagan, Ariel; Draeger, Kathryn; Olive, Ren (UMN Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, 2020-01)
Halal and kosher meat markets offer untapped opportunities for Minnesota farmers to diversify and expand their markets and for new and emerging farmers to become involved in food production. In order to do so there is a ...

Research Results from Deep Winter Greenhouse Horticulture Trials: A University of Minnesota RSDP, Horticulture Department, and DWG Grower Collaborative

Hodge, Claire Flavin; Schweser, Greg (UMN Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, 2019-09)
Deep Winter Greenhouses (DWG) use passive solar technology to create an environment where cold tolerant crops like leafy greens can be grown during the winter to satisfy consumer demand for fresh local produce yearround ...

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