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Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships  [135]

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Olmsted County 2021 Food Security Assessment

Gabb, Matthew (2021-08-16)

Farm to Grocery: Factsheet for Grocers

Olive, Ren; Draeger, Kathryn; Jewett, Jane; Schweser, Greg (2021-09)
Local farms are an approved source for food products, and it is legal for grocers to purchase local foods directly from farmers. This factsheet serves as a quick reference guide for purchasing local food products.

Opportunities for Improved Utilation of Waste Wood Through a Broader Use of Outdoor Wood Furnaces in Residential Heating Applications

Smith, Timothy M.; Rygg, Briana (2009)
Examining the opportunities and barriers associated with the wider spread adoption of outdoor (chunk) wood furnaces. It has been proposed that ample supply of readily available wood could be used in Southeastern Minnesota, ...

Considerations and Benefits of Developing a Minnesota-Based Halal Meat Supply Chain

Mamedov, Serdar; Draeger, Kathy (University of Minnesota Extension, 2021-08)
Minnesota traditionally has been known as a welcoming state and in the past several decades has become increasingly diverse. One population that has significantly increased its presence is Muslims. The majority of Muslims ...

Farmers Market Relocation and Expansion: A Community-Based Process by and for the City of Austin, MN

Handeen, Daniel; Hughey, Mathias (2021-03)
A farmers market has operated for many years in Austin, even though it has changed locations, sizes, and organizational structure numerous times over the years. Austin residents identify many positive attributes of the ...

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