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Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships  [119]

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2019-2020 Minnesota Rural Grocery Survey Report

Olive, Ren; Draeger, Kathryn; Kim, Hye-Young; Hanawa Peterson, Hikaru; Jarvi, Monica; Park, Dojin; Jorgenson, Alma (2020-11-20)
Rural grocery stores are anchor businesses in communities of 2,500 or fewer residents that provide a full range of fresh, frozen, and shelf-stable foods. When rural grocery stores go out of business, they are generally ...

Deep Winter Greenhouse Planter Layout Guide

Schweser, Greg, R. (2020-10)
Researchers created a virtual architectural model of a Deep Winter Greenhouse 2.2 to examine how shelving units and planters can best be configured to take maximum advantage of solar access.

Soil Health Case Studies, Vol. III

Luhman, Jared (Sustainable Farming Association, 2020)
The Sustainable Agriculture Case Studies project is a partnership among several organizations and numerous individuals. The project reflects the partners’ understanding that farmers learn best from each other and that ...

Lake of the Woods Solid Waste Policy Report

Krause, Lindsey (2020-08)
Research was conducted for Lake of the Woods County to find policy solutions for the budgetary deficits the county solid waste system and emergency services received in winter of 2020. The deficits were due to the record ...

TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THIS MOMENT AND OPPORTUNITY - Regional market analysis and marketing recommendations

Reno, Emily (2020)
Agua Gorda Cooperative undertook a project from February to May of 2020 with the following objectives: 1. Research and develop a market analysis for Cooperativa Agua Gorda’s local produce. 2. Develop a marketing plan ...

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