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Scott Spicer  [5]

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Perspectives on the Role of Instructional Video in Higher Education: Evolving Pedagogy, Copyright Challenges, and Support Models

Spicer, Scott (Routledge, 2018-02)
The growth of online video has contributed to this format becoming an ever ubiquitous part of the way we communicate in our cultural and instructional contexts. Just as this digital environment provides amazing new ...

How Did that Get in There?: Streaming Media in the Land of Discovery

Kaplanian, Harry; Spicer, Scott; Wood, Aaron (2012-11-08)
Audio and video content have had a history of isolation from mainstream discovery and delivery in large part due to the complexities of the lending systems that have developed around them. These systems have dictated a ...

Exploring Video Abstracts in Science Journals: An Overview and Case Study

Spicer, Scott (Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication, 2014-03-02)
INTRODUCTION The video abstract has emerged in recent years as a new way of communicating the results of scholarly enquiry. For library-based journal publishers who want to support multimodal scholarship, it is useful to ...

A Framework for Media Resources Support Program Development

Spicer, Scott (Consortium of College & University Media Centers, 2010)
While appreciation and uses of media resources in higher education continue to grow, so too have user expectations and the complexities of providing quality media services. Responding to this challenge requires deliberate ...

Tech Expo: A Model for Emerging Technology Education for Library Staff

Johnston, Lisa R; Spicer, Scott (Journal of Library Innovation, 2012)
Emerging technologies, such as personal information management tools like Zotero, productivity software like Google Documents, and web-based API's and mashups are important resources for library staff development and ...