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Center for Transportation Studies  [1720]

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Established in 1987, the mission of the University's Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) is to improve transportation decision-making in Minnesota and at a national level. CTS conducts multidisciplinary research, education, and outreach programs. Learn more about the CTS at

Included here is a selection of CTS reports dating from October 1997 to the present, annual reports, Catalyst newsletter, and publications arranged by CTS program.

Recently Added

Roadway Safety Institute News (Summer 2016, vol. 3, no. 3)

Roadway Safety Institute (RSI) (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016)
Articles include: Research explores how road sign alternatives might affect driver safety; Institute teaches transportation concepts, safety to summer campers; Workshops highlight innovative applications of LIDAR; Researcher ...

Catalyst (August 2016)

Center for Transportation Studies (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2016-08)
Articles include: Study gauges whether in-vehicle signing could improve driver behavior, safety; Students discover transportation topics, careers at summer camp; Smartphones have the power to transform transportation with ...

High Performance Spatial Visualization of Traffic Data

Shekhar, Shashi; Lu, Chang-Tien; Liu, Alan (University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies, 2004-07-01)
Current visualizations techniques for identifying performance bottlenecks with loop-detector traffic data are not sufficient for large data sets to create interactive visualization and analysis of possible scenarios. This ...

A Fast, Auction-Based Algorithm for Paratransit Vehicle Assignment

Carlsson, John Gunnar; Houle, Jason (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2013-09)
A problem based on the actual passenger transportation operations of two community disability service organizations in St. Paul is presented. The problem is to minimize the number of routes needed to serve all the passengers ...

Development of Techniques to Quantify Effective Impervious Cover

Janke, Ben; Gulliver, John S.; Wilson, Bruce N. (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2011-09)
Practitioners responsible for the design and implementation of stormwater management practices rely heavily on estimates of impervious area in a watershed. However, the most important parameter in determining actual urban ...

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