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Center for Transportation Studies  [2093]

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Established in 1987, the mission of the University's Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) is to improve transportation decision-making in Minnesota and at a national level. CTS conducts multidisciplinary research, education, and outreach programs. Learn more about the CTS at

Included here is a selection of CTS reports dating from October 1997 to the present, annual reports, Catalyst newsletter, and publications arranged by CTS program.

Recently Added

LTAP Technology Exchange (December 2020, vol. 28, no. 4)

Minnesota Local Technical Assistance Program (Minnesota Local Technical Assistance Program, 2020-12)
Articles include: Brush up on your defensive driving skills; Converting some paved roads to gravel may lower costs, improve quality; What do you think of Minnesota LTAP communications?; Roads Scholars across the generations; ...

Challenges and opportunities of autonomous vehicles to urban planning: Investigation into transit and parking

Wu, Xinyi; Douma, Frank; Cao, Jason (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2019-10)
Using a series of qualitative approaches, this report examines the potential impacts of autonomous vehicles (AV) on transit and parking systems. A literature review helped us identify three orders of general impacts caused ...

Planning for Disruption: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Burga, Fernando; Fisher, Tom (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2019-09)
The future of transportation is inseparable from the future of work. Over the last century, transportation has focused on moving people and goods, but work in the 21st century has started to change dramatically due to ...

Experimental and Computational Investigations of High-Density Asphalt Mixtures

Marasteanu, Mihai; Le, Jia-Liang; Hill, Kimberly; Yan, Tianhao; Man, Teng; Turos, Mugurel; Barman, Manik; Arepalli, Uma Maheswar; Munch, Jared (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2019-10)
Compaction of asphalt mixtures represents a critical step in the construction process that significantly affects the performance and durability of asphalt pavements. In this research effort, the compaction process of asphalt ...

Minnesota MNCrash Design and Training Research Development

Morris, Nichole L.; Schwieters, Katelyn R.; Craig, Curtis M. (Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, 2020-09)
This report includes research activities that focused on the MNCrash interface design and training. A series of usability tests was conducted on the existing MNCrash interface system to document errors, frustrations, or ...

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