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Minnesota Dairy Health Conference 2007  [16]

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Use of Radio Frequency Eartags in Dairy Cattle

Stefenhagen, Krista; Perala, Margaret; Rapnicki, Paul; Stewart, Steven (2007-05-16)

The Food Supply Veterinary Medicine Coalition

Sibbel, Rick (2007-05-16)

Epidemiology of Listeria monocytogenes in animals diagnosed at the Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, 2001-2005.

Schwabenlander, S.; Gramer, M.; Boxrud, D.; Medus, C.; Bender, J. (2007-05-16)

Effect of maternity pen management on neonatal calf health during the first 90 days of life.

Pithua, Patrick; Wells, Scott; Godden, Sandra (2007-05-16)

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