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Department of Forest Resources  [946]

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Remote and Seasonal Field Detection of Eastern Spruce Dwarf Mistletoe in Northern Minnesota

Windmuller-Campione, Marcella A.; Moser, R. Lane (St. Paul, Minnesota : School of Forestry, University of Minnesota, 2022-01)

Research Summary on a Long-Term Planting Depth Study

Hanson, Dave (2007-09-05)
The focus of this study is to determine how quickly stem encircling (SERs) or stem girdling roots (SGRs) occur, and to determine what (if any) relationships exist between planting depth and suckering, SERs, SGRs, or ...

Buried Root Systems: Their association with stem encircling and girdling roots, and relationship with tree condition

Hanson, Dave (2004-09-05)
This study examines buried root systems among street trees surveyed in three Minnesotan cities. Buried root systems can cause tree roots to encircle, girdle a tree stem, cutting off vital nutrients to the tree canopy and ...

Research Summary on Pot-In-Pot Production and Planting Depth

Hanson, Dave (2006-04-03)
This focus of this research study investigates the nursery practice of placing trees deeply in containers to prevent wind-throw and excessive lean. After four months of observation, tree lean, caliper and root volume were ...

Stem Girdling Roots: The Underground Epidemic Killing our Trees

Johnson, Gary; Fallon, Dennis (2021)
In partnership with Xcel Energy and the USFS, the University of Minnesota Urban Forestry Outreach and Research lab produced this report which details the importance of diagnosing, preventing and correcting stem girdling ...

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