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Historical note: The Libraries have a rich portfolio of collections, services, and public programming. Distributed in 14 facilities with collections including over 6.5 million volumes and a rapidly growing virtual collection of electronic resources, the Libraries provide critical resources in support of the University's comprehensive programs and land-grant mission. The Libraries are an integral part of the campus life and a significant collaborator within the state, national, and international research library communities.


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Data Curation Network Poster presented at the Research Data Alliance 10th Plenary, Montreal, CA September 20, 2017.

Olendorf, Rob; Carlson, Jake; Hudson-Vitale, Cynthia; Imker, Heidi; Kozlowski, Wendy; Stewart, Claire; Johnston, Lisa (2017-09)
Poster presented at the Research Data Alliance 10th Plenary, Montreal, CA September 20, 2017.

My Doctor Said What?!: Identifying and Assessing Online Health Information Resources

Theis-Mahon, Nicole; Hunt, Shanda (2017-05)
The University of Minnesota (UMN) Libraries conducted a study on Minnesotans' use of online health information, surveying them about sources, purpose of use, confidence around navigational and quality assessment skills, ...

Executive Summary Presented to the School of Public Health: Information Needs Assessment of Public Health Researchers

Hunt, Shanda; Bakker, Caitlin (2017-09)
A needs assessment was conducted by the University of Minnesota Libraries of School of Public Health faculty researchers. Qualitative analyses revealed unique information science needs, some misunderstandings, and a wealth ...

E-supplement to: Identifying hazards in animal food: A method for evaluation of scientific literature and recall history

Evanson, Jessica; Alexander, Catherine; Sampedro, Fernando; Boyer, Tim; Nault, Andre J.; Goldsmith, Timothy J. (2017)

Electronic Records Task Force Phase 2 Final Report

Calahan, Lisa; Kussmann, Carol; University of Minnesota. Electronic Records Task Force (2017-08)
The University of Minnesota Libraries sponsored the Electronic Records Task Force Phase 2 to monitor established workflows for electronic record ingest and to develop new workflows, policies, procedures and mechanisms for ...

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