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    Growing Our Own: Mentoring the Next Generation of Catalog Librarians
    (Haworth Press, 2006) DeZelar-Tiedman, Christine; Camden, Beth Picknally; Uhl, Rebecca
    This paper traces the development of a mentoring program for aspiring catalogers, sponsored and administered by the ALCTS CCS Committee on Education, Training, and Recruitment for Cataloging (CETRC). Background is given on the reasons for establishing the program, as well as the two pilot programs that preceded the current, ongoing mentoring service. Results of the assessment of the second pilot are shared. Though CETRC still faces challenges in sustaining the program on an ongoing basis, the Committee feels it is a valuable endeavor worth continuing.
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    Crashing the Party: Catalogers as Digital Librarians
    (Emerald, 2004) DeZelar-Tiedman, Christine
    Catalog librarians have been slow to take an active role in the development and execution of digital library projects. Catalogers have a unique combination of experience and skills that would be valuable in the digital library world. Catalogers are encouraged to take the initiative to overcome stereotypes and their own fears in order to become active partners and collaborators. Suggestions are given for initial steps to take in order to move into the digital library arena.
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    Utilizing Z39.50 to Obtain Bibliographic Copy: a Cost-Containment Study
    (Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, 2006-04) DeZelar-Tiedman, Christine; Genereux, Cecilia; Hearn, Stephen
    This paper looks at one approach to controlling costs when seeking cataloging copy. A small task group in the University of Minnesota Libraries Technical Services Department conducted a study to devise the most cost-effective strategy for searching for and importing bibliographic copy, compiling costs and benefits of importing records from the OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc. database, the Research Libraries Group Union Catalog, and the Library of Congress catalog. Results of the study indicated that although the LC database is smaller than the other two utilities, a significant enough portion of needed records were available from LC to more than offset the cost of re-searching in the other databases for records not found. In addition, due to differences in pricing structure, searching RLIN second was found to be more cost effective than going next to OCLC, even though a slightly larger proportion of items were found in OCLC than RLIN. This study may prove useful either as a methodology or in terms of its findings for other libraries wishing to compare sources of cataloging copy.
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    The Proportion of NUC Pre-56 Titles Represented in the RLIN and OCLC Databases Compared: a Follow-up to the Beall/Kafadar Study
    (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2008-09) DeZelar-Tiedman, Christine
    This article replicates a previous study that investigated the proportion of bibliographic records from the National Union Catalog Pre-1956 Imprints in the OCLC WorldCat database, and expands it to search a similarly-sized sample of records in the RLIN database as well. The author seeks to determine the impact that the merger of the RLIN and OCLC databases will have on the ability to locate catalog records for older materials, and whether there are still significant numbers of library materials for which there are no online bibliographic records. Entries for non-Roman language materials were not included in the study.