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School of Mathematics  [24]

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The University of Minnesota's School of Mathematics is a large and active department with over 70 faculty members, in addition to many graduate students and visitors. Related programs and centers are the Minnesota Center for Industrial Math (MCIM), the Program in Applied, Computational, Industrial Math (PACIM), the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) (which has its own preprint series at ), and the IT Center for Educational Programs (ITCEP). Faculty research areas include algebraic geometry; algebraic topology, homotopy theory; applied mathematics; automorphic forms and l-functions; combinatorics; commutative algebra, homological algebra; complex analysis; differential geometry, Riemannian geometry; mathematical biology; mathematical fluid mechanics; mathematical logic; mathematical physics; mathematics education; number theory; numerical analysis; dynamical systems and differential equations; partial differential equations; probability and stochastic processes; real, harmonic, and functional analysis; topological dynamics.

Recently Added

The Global Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations, Lecture Notes, 1964-1965

Markus, Lawrence (University of Minnesota. Institute of Technology. Department of Mathematics, 1965)

Differential Independence of Meromorphic Functions

Markus, Lawrence (University of Minnesota. School of Mathematics, 2003-01)

Hamiltonian Dynamics and Symplectic Manifolds

Markus, Lawrence (University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, School of Mathematics, 1973)

Kolmogorov nonlinear diffusion equation

Bramson, Maury (1982)
The Kolmogorov nonlinear diffusion equation, u_t=\frac{1}{2}u_{xx}+f(u), was first investigated by Kolmogorov, Petrovsky, and Piscounov in their celebrated paper in 1937. After a long pause, there has been renewed interest ...

Existence and stability of viscoelastic shock profiles

Barker, Blake; Lewicka, Marta; Zumbrun, Kevin (2010-06-09)
We investigate existence and stability of viscoelastic shock profiles for a class of planar models including the incompressible shear case studied by Antman and Malek-Madani. We establish that the resulting equations ...

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