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Recordings and Text for New Nonsense BEL Sentence Corpus

O'Neill, Erin R.; Parke, Morgan N.; Kreft, Heather A.; Oxenham, Andrew J. (2020-09-18)
The complete text for all 500 sentences of the nonsense BEL corpus and recordings of the complete corpus by four different talkers is included. Recordings by the same four talkers of the original BEL corpus is also included.

Data supporting: Century-scale wood nitrogen isotope trajectories from an oak savanna with variable fire frequencies

Trumper, Matthew L; Griffin, Daniel; Hobbie, Sarah E; Howard, Ian M; Nelson, David M; Reich, Peter B; McLauchlan, Kendra K (2020-09-09)
Fire frequency exerts a fundamental control on productivity and nutrient cycling in savanna ecosystems. A single fire event often increases short-term nitrogen (N) availability to individual plants, but repeated burning ...

Digitization of Minnesota and Wisconsin bathymetric maps resulting in hypsographic data

Rounds, Christopher I; Hansen, Gretchen JA; Vitense, Kelsey (2020-09-09)
The data set includes hypsographic data (area-at-depth) for over 750 Minnesota and Wisconsin lakes throughout the states. The majority of these lakes (650+) did not have publicly available hypsography. The hypsography was ...

Lung-to-ear sound transmission does not improve directional hearing in green treefrogs (Hyla cinerea)

Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jakob; Lee, Norman; Bee, Mark A (2020-09-04)
Amphibians are unique among extant vertebrates in having middle ear cavities that are internally coupled to each other and to the lungs. In frogs, the lung-to-ear sound transmission pathway can influence the tympanum’s ...

YMCA World War I Service Punch Cards

National War Work Council, Y.M.C.A. of the United States (2018-10-29)
In the course of staffing its assigned operations and the other activities in support of the armed forces during World War I, the American YMCA recruited a grand total of 25,926 workers who, about equally divided between ...

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