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A term-rewriting implementation of the lambda calculus in Silver

Kramer, Lucas (2020-04-06)
This repository contains an implementation of the lambda calculus that uses the reflection-based term-rewriting extension to Silver.

Minnesota Synagogues: A History Map

Dietrick, Kate (2020-04-01)
This project, created by the archivist of the Upper Midwest Jewish Archives in the University of Minnesota Libraries, includes the location information of historic Minnesota synagogues and cemeteries from 1856 to 2020 in ...

Waste to Energy Prime Mover Efficiencies for Commercially Available Technology

Lasode, Aduramo; Northrop, William (2020-03-27)
The data provides a collected set of information on electric power rating and efficiency for commercially available prime movers in waste to energy applications. The five main technologies in focus are: steam turbines, gas ...

Phenological data (2009-2013) for ten tree species grown under experimental warming in northern Minnesota, USA

Montgomery, Rebecca A.; Stefanski, Artur; Reich, Peter B.; Rice, Karen E. (2020-03-27)
This dataset contains five years of data on time of budburst, growing degree days at the time of budburst, time of senescence and phenological growing season length phenology data for ten tree species native to Minnesota, ...

Tree-planting programs in Himachal Pradesh India 2019

Rana, Pushpendra; Fleischman, Forrest; Ramprasad, Vijay; Lee, Kangjae (2020-03-26)
This dataset provides information on the tree plantation programs of the government of the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Data were released publicly by the government in response to questions posed by Members of the ...

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