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Technical Reports  [479]

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Please note: This collection contains all Technical Reports produced by NRRI. We are in the process of sorting these reports by subject; for Technical Reports sorted by specific subject, please see the subject-specific collections (which contain Reports of Investigations, Technical Reports, and Technical Summary Reports):

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Mapping Avian Movement in Minnesota

Grinde, Alexis R; Bracey, Annie; Kolbe, Stephen (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2021-09)
The western Great Lakes region is home to one of the most diverse breeding bird communities in North America and is a key migration pathway for a wide array of species, including neotropical migrants and birds that breed ...

Superior Streams Algal Assessment Protocol

Ruzycki, Elaine; Axler, Richard P (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2019-09-30)
This project involved collaboration between the University of MN- Duluth, the City of Duluth, the MPCA, and a new Citizen Science/Crowdsourcing collaborative to develop quantitative and semi-quantitative protocols for ...

Continuous Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Ilmenite Processing Technology

Hudak, George J; Rao, Shashi; Peterson, Dean M; Chen, Jonathan; Lakshmanan, V.I.; Sridhar, Ram; Gluck, Eugen (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2021-05)

Minnesota National Forest Breeding Bird Monitoring Program Annual Report 1995-2019

Grinde, Alexis R; Bednar, Joshua D; Liljenquist, Alexis L (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2019)
Minnesota’s National Forest Breeding Bird Monitoring Program has documented trends in forest bird abundances for 25 years. These data have provided insight into the impacts of forest management on breeding birds and helped ...

Comparison of hybrid poplar wood breakeven prices as affected by current and improved genetics

Lazarus, William F; Nelson, Neil D; Jackson, Jeffrey; Berguson, William E; McMahon, Bernard G; Buchman, Daniel; Cai, Meijun (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2021-05)
The impact of improved genetics from the University of Minnesota Duluth Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) hybrid poplar breeding program on breakeven hybrid poplar wood prices is discussed in this paper. After a ...

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