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Stormwater and Wastewater  [5]

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Characterization of Stormwater Particle Size Distribution and Sediment Concentrations through Evaluation of Manhole Sumps with SHSAM

Chapman, John A; Forman, M. Rebecca (2020-03)
Urban stormwater runoff contains sediment which pollutes water resources. Manhole sump structures have been constructed in many cities to capture the sediment material, but removal of the captured sediment has to be done ...

Stormwater Research Roadmap for Minnesota

Bilotta, John P.; Chapman, John; Baker, Lawrence; Missaghi, Shahram; Fairbairn, David
The goal of the Stormwater Research Roadmap is to articulate major research needs to improve stormwater management in Minnesota. Multiple sources and approaches were used to identify stormwater research needs for Minnesota, ...

Developing a Street Sweeping Credit for Stormwater Phosphorus Source Reduction: Final Report

Hobbie, Sarah E.; King, Rachel; Belo, Tessa; Baker, Lawrence A.; Finlay, Jacques C. (2020-09)

Formation pathways for iron oxide minerals and geochemical conditions for phosphate retention in iron enhanced sand filters

Fisher, Beth A.; Feinberg, Joshua M. (UMN Water Resources Center, 2019-11-25)
Our overall goal for this project was to better understand the geochemical and mineralogical processes within Iron Enhanced Sand Filters (IESFs) that lead to effective removal of phosphorus. Our specific objectives were ...

Assessment of Stormwater Best Management Practices

Anderson, James L.; Asleson, Brooke C.; Baker, Lawrence A.; Erickson, Andrew J.; Gulliver, John S.; Hozalski, Raymond M.; Mohseni, Omid; Nieber, John L.; Riter, Trent; Weiss, Peter; Wilson, Bruce N.; Wilson, Matt A. (University of Minnesota, 2008-04)