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Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE)  [30]

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The online journal, Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE), sponsored by the University of Minnesota Retirees Association (UMRA), was established in 2013 by Professor emeritus, Martin Dworkin (Microbiology and Immunology). The journal is a collection of original articles intended for a general audience. The JOIE is not designed as an alternative to existing professional journals, but rather as a venue for articles that do not fit easily into conventional journals. These could include any of a variety of essays, such as experiences at the University or other life experiences, biographical sketches or tributes, matters of University interest or academic interest, comments on important issues, pedagogical matters, poems, hobbies, short stories or plays, book reviews, historical reviews, and for scientists, speculative hypotheses or essays on important scientific ideas. As an electronic journal, the JOIE features graphics and illustrations in ways that traditional journals often cannot accommodate, making it ideal for artistic or photographic essays. Please enjoy browsing our collection by using the search box below or click “view more” near the bottom of this page. JOIE publications are also accessible on browser searches such as Google and Bing. Article submissions are accepted from any member of the University of Minnesota community, active or retired.

Editor-in-Chief: Kristine M. Bettin, Neuroscience

Editorial Committee: John Adams, Geography; Lynda Ellis, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology; Ed Griffin, Literature; Jan Hogan-Schilt, Family Social Science; Mary Knatterud, Surgery

Submission Instructions for Authors

To submit an item for publication in the JOIE, please send the document, prepared in Word or other similar format that allows conversion to a pdf, to Kris Bettin, Kris will be your contact at the JOIE and she will share your contribution with the editorial committee members, who will determine the suitability of the submission and review it for quality. Kris will return your submission, with any needed editing/formatting, in a timely manner and she will upload your finalized copy to the online journal. More detailed instructions for authors may be found here.

Recently Added

Tracing the History of a Civil War Ancestor

Craig, William J (Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE), 2022-01-12)
For Christmas 1952, my grandmother wrote a brief paragraph about her father, George E. Swift. She said he joined the Minnesota 3rd Regiment as a drummer boy at age 13 and ultimately became part of Sherman’s March to the ...

What is a Master Gardener?

Ellis, Lynda (Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE), 2021-11-03)
For those of us who embrace digging holes, weeding, and watering, the Master Gardener program offered through the University of Minnesota Extension Service provides amateur horticulturists a way to learn, teach, and engage ...

The Long-Term Impact of a Summer Institute Course on Styles- and Strategies-Based Instruction

Cohen, Andrew D (Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE), 2021-06-01)
This article reports on a study undertaken to explore the possible effects of a summer institute course aimed at encouraging participants to consider not just strategies for the teaching of languages, but also strategies ...

A Tribute to the Incomparable John S. Najarian, MD (1927-2020)

Knatterud, Mary E (Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE), 2021-05-08)
In this article, author Mary E. Knatterud, PhD, pays tribute to her incomparable longtime boss, transplant surgeon-scientist John S. Najarian, MD, who died at the age of 92 on August 31, 2020. The two worked together for ...

Impact of UMRA’s Professional Development Grants for Retirees Program

Craig, William J (Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE), 2021-04-04)
Professional Development Grants for Retirees (PDGR) grants have been awarded by the University of Minnesota Retirees Association (UMRA) since 2009. PDGR has helped retirees continue their intellectual work and yielded ...

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