Poems and Photographs: Midwestern Hobbies Adjoin

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Poems and Photographs: Midwestern Hobbies Adjoin

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Journal of Opinions, Ideas & Essays (JOIE)




I have collected and transcribed the poems of my great-aunt, Mary Anderson, for one reason: perhaps people will enjoy reading them. This world is suffering at the moment; there is a pandemic, businesses are closing, people are out of work and out of money, most of us are home-bound. We are all seeking solace in various places: some in literature, in music or in streaming movies, some are taking long walks, learning to cook, or starting new hobbies. An avid reader, I have found solace in Aunt Mary’s gentle, insightful and soothing poems.


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Bettin, Kristine. (2021). Poems and Photographs: Midwestern Hobbies Adjoin. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy, https://hdl.handle.net/11299/219158.

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