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Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Laboratories  [376]

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The purpose of the Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Laboratories, within the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, is to research, develop, and support a world class, open-source, and low cost aeronautics research infrastructure to enable research and education within the Department and world wide. Within the Department, our infrastructure is used to conduct flight research on navigation, guidance, and flight control systems to enable future commercial aircraft and UAVs that are significantly safer and more fuel efficient. The UAV Laboratories supports education by bringing real-world aircraft development and flight testing experiences into undergraduate and graduate level courses and research projects. All of our high fidelity simulations, software, and flight data are open source and free to use.

Included here is an archive of the UAV Laboratories flight and test data, flight software, and project archives. Research and results from the Performance Adaptive Aeroeleastic Wing (PAAW) Program can be found in this community:


Recently Added

mAEWing2 Solid Model

Unknown author (2019-12-30)
mAEWing2 aircraft definition including fabrication, assembly, and testing tooling. The file is a ISO 10303-21 compliant STEP file format. The aircraft centerbody and left wing are provided, the right wing is a mirror of the left.

Baldr Flight 8

Venkataraman, Raghu (2015-03-11)

Baldr Flight 9

Venkataraman, Raghu (2015-03-11)

Baldr Flight 6

Venkataraman, Raghu (2015-01-30)

Baldr Flight 7

Venkataraman, Raghu (2015-03-11)

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