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    Reference Position and Attitude together with Raw Sensor Data from Seven Small UAV Flights during 2011-12
    (2014-09-09) Mokhtarzadeh, Hamid
    Reference trajectory (3D position and attitude) and raw sensor data (at 50 Hz) for seven small UAV flights are included. The flights can be used individually or collectively. Collectively they cover a 1 square kilometer area. The flights were collected over the span of 2011-2012 by the University of Minnesota UAV Research Group and were retrieved for research purposes in 2013-2014. All seven flights have been successfully used to study navigation system design. Through a simulated play-back of the data, both an attitude heading reference system (AHRS) and an airspeed-based dead reckoning navigation system were implemented on all seven flights and the results correspond well with the logged reference solutions. As part of testing new ideas for small UAVs or navigation in general, it is useful to have a data set which has been tried and tested. This subset of flights from the AEM UAV Flight repository is exactly that and is being shared with the hope of serving as a working data set for testing new concepts and ideas.