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    The Feasibility for Marketing and Culturing Walleyes in Minnesota
    (University of Minnesota Duluth, 1987-08) Skurla, James A; Van Hale, Thomas
    In May 1987, Minnesota Power and the UMD/NRRI Business Group discussed the need to determine the market potential for commercial walleye production in the State of Minnesota. Subsequently, the UMD/NRRI Business Group agreed to establish the feasibility of a Minnesota based walleye culture business assessing current cultural practices and to determine the value of utilizing warm water in such an operation. In order to establish a base line operation, the walleye market and cultural requirements for walleye were examined. Walleye are sold as table fish for human consumption or as fry and fingerlings for stocking. Table walleye are harvested from natural lakes with 90% imported from Canada. Stocking walleye are raised in Minnesota using extensive culture methods, but the profitability of a business based on extensive culture is questionable because production costs and survival rates are uncertain. Experimental research suggests an intensive walleye operation utilizing warm water may improve the survival and growth rates, thus increasing the profit potential. Intensely culturing walleye in a warm water research facility could establish survival rates, growth rates, and production costs which can improve the predictability of profits for an intensive walleye operation.
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    Consumer Preference Survey of Health Food Store Customers
    (University of Minnesota Duluth, 1987-11) Skurla, James A; Powers, John W
    Organizations and individuals in the Hubbard County area of west central Minnesota saw the growing and marketing of certified organic specialty crops as an ideal way of rejuvenating a lagging rural economy. The group gained funding from the Northwest Initiative Fund to investigate the market potential of selected products. The Natural Resources Research Institute Business Group of the University of Minnesota, Duluth was retained to assist in designing a survey of current health food store customers. The purpose of the survey was to gain practical insights into the shopping and food preferences of current customers. This information is to be used in deciding which products merit immediate attention for development. It will also be helpful in establishing an effective marketing process.
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    Asparagus, Broccoli and Cauliflower in Minnesota: A Survey of Farms, Acreage and Marketing
    (University of Minnesota Duluth, 1986-05) Skurla, James A; Edes, George N
    In March 1986, a short survey of Minnesota County Extension Agents was conducted regarding commercial production and marketing of asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower ( 11 ABC 11 ) in Minnesota. NRRI's primary purposes for the survey were: - to check on the quality of some federal Census of Agriculture data, - to obtain data on more recent production (since the 1982 census), and - to obtain data on the geographic extent of ABC farming in Minnesota. The Minnesota County Agents provided estimates of farms and acreage in ABC production in their respective counties in 1984 and 1985, and corresponding plans for 1986. This report is primarily a summary of the survey responses and some analyses thereof.