15N labeling of amino acids in Spirodela Polyrhiza

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15N labeling of amino acids in Spirodela Polyrhiza

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Evans, Erin M.


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These data comprise15N stable isotopic labeling study of amino acids in Spirodela polyrhiza (common duckweed) grown under three different light and carbon input conditions which represent unique potential metabolic modes. Plants were grown with a light cycle, either with supplemental sucrose (mixotrophic) or without supplemental sucrose (photoautotrophic) and in the dark with supplemental sucrose (heterotrophic). In this study, stable isotopic labeling with 15N of S. polyrhiza allowed for estimation of amino acid pool sizes, turnover, and kinetics.


Deposited here are data files for the experiment described. There are two top-level Readme files as well as Readmes for each archived .zip file, all of which describe the files at length.

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National Science Foundation Plant Genome Project Grant ISO-1238812
National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology IOS-1400818




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Evans, Erin M.; Freund, Dana M.; Sondervan, Veronica; Cohen, Jerry D.; Hegeman, Adrian D.. (2018). 15N labeling of amino acids in Spirodela Polyrhiza. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM), https://doi.org/10.13020/D62H4Q.
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Light With Sucrose.zipLight With Sucrose Experiment Files1.17 GB
Light Without Sucrose.zipLight Without Sucrose Experiment MS files505.1 MB
Dark With Sucrose.zipDark With Sucrose Experiment MS Files709.67 MB
Modeling_Data_Extracted.zipData for amino acid kinetic models22.32 KB
Pool_Size_Data.zipAmino acid pool size data96.65 KB
Directory.txtPlain text file directory4.1 KB
Readme.txtReadme19.74 KB

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