SONIC - System of Network Incremental Connections

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Minneapolis, MN CBD

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SONIC - System of Network Incremental Connections

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Levinson, David M


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The software contains a network-growth simulation model. The logic is based on the strongest-link assumption (ie for a link to be constructed, it must be ranked the highest in terms of increasing accessibility between the two blocks it connects).


This is an applet that runs in Java, and the code and data files are included in a single zipped folder. To run the package, import the files as a project into Eclipse or another java platform. Run the main class,, as an applet.

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Corbett, Michael, Feng Xie, and David Levinson (2009) Evolution of the Second-Story City: The Minneapolis Skyway System. Environment and Planning b 36(4) 711-724

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Xie, Feng; Levinson, David M. (2016). SONIC - System of Network Incremental Connections. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM),
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