Supporting data for "3D Printed Deformable Sensors"

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Supporting data for "3D Printed Deformable Sensors"

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McAlpine, Michael C


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The data set includes the experimental data and the corresponding code files supporting the results reported in Zhijie Zhu; Hyun Soo Park; Michael C. McAlpine. 3D Printed Deformable Sensors. Sci. Adv., 2020, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aba5575. The ability to directly print compliant biomedical devices on live human organs could benefit patient monitoring and wound treatment, which requires the 3D printer to adapt to the various deformations of the biological surface. We developed an in situ 3D printing system that estimates the motion and deformation of the target surface to adapt the toolpath in real time. With this printing system, a hydrogel-based sensor was printed on a porcine lung under respiration-induced deformation. The sensor was compliant to the tissue surface and provided continuous spatial mapping of deformation via electrical impedance tomography. This adaptive 3D printing approach may enhance robot-assisted medical treatments with additive manufacturing capabilities, enabling autonomous and direct printing of wearable electronics and biological materials on and inside the human body.


Full description in the file "ZhuReadme.txt".

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Zhu Z., Park, H. S., and McAlpine, M. C. (2020). 3D Printed Deformable Sensors. Science Advances, 6(25).

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National Institutes of Health, Grant 1DP2EB020537
The graduate school of the University of Minnesota, 2019-20 Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

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Zhu, Zhijie; Park, Hyun Soo; McAlpine, Michael C. (2020). Supporting data for "3D Printed Deformable Sensors". Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM),
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Figure S6 data.rarRaw data for Figure S61.33 MB
Figure S7 data.rarRaw data for Figure S73.96 MB
Figure S8 data.opjRaw data for Figure S8299.53 KB
Code files for adaptive printing controller_rev.rarC++ Code Files for adaptive printing controller9.55 MB
Code files for EIT sensor operation_rev.rarCode files for EIT sensor operation4.64 KB
ZhuReadme.txtRead me file4.14 KB

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