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WRS MS Plan B Papers  [6]

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The Graduate Program in Water Resources Science (WRS) is an interdisciplinary graduate program at the University of Minnesota, administered by the Water Resources Center.

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Hydrogeologic Monitoring at University of Minnesota Outreach, Research and Educational Park (UMore Park), 2011

Groten, Joel T.; Alexander, E. Calvin (2012-01)
The mining of the gravel resource and subsequent development at the University of Minnesota Outreach, Research and Educational Park (UMore Park) may potentially impact the groundwater quality at, and around UMore Park. In ...

Karst Hydrogeologic Investigation of Trout Brook, Dakota County, Minnesota

Groten, Joel T.; Alexander, E. Calvin (2013-02)
Trout Brook in the Miesville Ravine County Park of Dakota County is the trout stream with the highest nitrate concentration in the karst region of southeastern Minnesota. Water quality data from 1985 and 1995 (Spong, 1995) ...

Using Temperature Sensing Equipment to Detect Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions in Long Lake, New Brighton, MN

Churchich, Molly A. Chermak (2011-12-15)
Temperature sensing equipment is a cost effective way to determine areas in water bodies where groundwater may be seeping into the surface waters. Data records of noticeable temperature differences can indicate points where ...

Using Urban Forestry Practices to Reduce Stormwater Runoff

Peterson, Paul (2010)
This study reviews the current thought and literature on urban watershed forestry and explains how increasing total forest canopy cover in an urban watershed will result in a corresponding decrease in stormwater runoff. ...

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