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SP-09 Geological Map of the Minneapolis Quadrangle, Minnesota

Hogberg, R.K. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1970)
Plate 1, Surficial Geology ; Plate 2, Bedrock Geology, scale 1:48,000 (Minneapolis 15' quadrangle)

SP-13 Lower Precambrian Rocks of the Gabbro Lake Quadrangle, Northeastern Minnesota

Green, John C. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1970)
In an approximately 100-square-mile area east of Ely in the center of the Vermilion district, three major stratigraphic units are mapped. The oldest unit, the Ely Greenstone, contains at least 12,000 feet of dominantly ...

SP-11 Glacial and Vegetational History of Northeastern Minnesota

Wright, H.E. Jr.; Watts, William A.; Jelgersma, Saskia; Waddington, Jean C.B.; Ogawa, Junko; Winter, T.C. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1969)
The broad relief features of the northern Minnesota bedrock permitted the digitation of the margin of the Wisconsin ice sheet into several lobes, and the diversity of the bedrock lithology resulted in the drift of each ...

SP-10 Clay Mineralogy and Geology of Minnesota's Kaolin Clays

Parham, Walter E. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1970)
Humid tropical weathering during the latter part of the Mesozoic Era, probably during early Late Cretaceous time, produced a thick kaolinitic residuum (unit 1) over much of Minnesota, mainly from Precambrian metamorphic ...

SP-08 The Geology of the Isaac Lake Quadrangle, St. Louis County, Minnesota

Griffin, W.L.; Morey, G.B. (Minnesota Geological Survey, 1969)
The Isaac Lake quadrangle lies between the Mesabi and Vermilion ranges, and includes a segment of each. The Lower Precambrian rocks that characterize the Vermilion range underlie the northern 2/3 of the quadrangle, and ...

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