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Oral history interviews  [356]


CBI holds one of the world's largest collections of research-grade oral history interviews relating to the history of computers, software, and networking. Most of the 300-plus oral histories have been developed in conjunction with grant-funded research projects on topics such as the development of the software industry, the influence of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the early history of computer science departments.

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  • Oral history interview with Robert Braden 

    Braden, Robert (Charles Babbage Institute, 2014)
    This interview with internet pioneer Robert (“Bob”) Braden briefly covers his education in physics before concentrating on his long and distinguished career in computer science. He served at the computation centers of ...
  • Oral history interview with Karl Levitt 

    Levitt, Karl (Charles Babbage Institute, 2013)
    Computer security pioneer discusses his educational background and early career, with the bulk of the interview on his approximately four decades plus focus on computer security research. He discusses his work with ...
  • Oral history interview with Butler Lampson 

    Lampson, Butler (Charles Babbage Institute, 2014)
    Turing Award winning computer scientist Butler Lampson briefly discusses his education and work in time-sharing with Project Genie, the Cal Time-Sharing System (Cal Computer Center), and the Berkeley Computer Corporation ...
  • Oral history interview with Robert M. Price 

    Price, Robert M. (Charles Babbage Institute, 2009)
    These oral history interviews with Robert M. Price were conducted by Thomas J. Misa from February – July, 2009, and were originally published as a book entitled, Building the Control Data Legacy: The Career of Robert M. ...
  • Oral history interview with David Schmidt 

    Schmidt, David (Charles Babbage Institute, 2012)
    Co-founder of Tymshare, David Schmidt, reflects on his early career, the founding of Tymshare, and the firm’s technology, key personnel, competitive environment, and early growth before leaving to found Mascor.

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