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Department of Horticultural Science  [547]

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The Wool Mulch System of Producing Strawberries: A Manual for Commercial Growers in Minnesota

Tepe, Emily S; Hoover, Emily E; Poppe, Steve (Department of Horticultural Science, 2008)
This manual was developed after ten years of research on a new system of producing strawberries using a combination of wool mulch and a canola cover crop/mulch. The wool mulch – a locally produced, biodegradable and renewable ...

Bio-based Weed Control in Strawberries Using Sheep Wool Mulch, Canola Mulch, and Canola Green Manure

Hoover, Emily E (Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 2000)
Strawberry producers in Minnesota, and elsewhere, have lost or are soon to lose many of the chemical weed control options which they previously depended upon, i.e. Dacthal, methyl bromide, etc. Over reliance upon a small ...

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