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Libraries Reports  [5]

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This collection includes final reports and other materials created by Libraries staff in the course of committee work, grant projects, or other activities and that may be shared outside of the Libraries and the University.

Recently Added

Electronic Records Task Force Final Report

Kussmann, Carol; Nelsen, R. Arvid; University of Minnesota. Electronic Records Task Force (2015-09)
The University of Minnesota Libraries sponsored the Electronic Records Task Force to explore and develop capacity of the Libraries to preserve and provide access to electronic records. Focusing on the records in the ...

E-Analytics: Issues and Recommendations for Processing Electronic Collections and Series

Chew, Chiat Naun; Clark, Kirsten; Genereux, Cecilia; Johnston, Lisa; Traill, Stacie (2012-08-09)
In 2009-10, the E-analytics Working Group of the Cataloging Coordination Group at the University of Minnesota Libraries examined and evaluated a number of issues surrounding the provision of intellectual access for electronic ...

MNCAT Plus and MNCAT Classic survey : results and analysis

Primo Management Group; Chew, Chiat Naun; Fransen, Jan; Gangl, Susan; Hendrickson, Lois; Hessel, Heather; Mastel, Kristen; Nelsen, R. Arvid; Hendrick, Connie; Peterson, Jeff (2010-07-27)
This document reports the results of a survey held by the University Libraries in 2009 on the use and perceived effectiveness of the Libraries’ catalog, MNCAT.

Course Integration Exploratory Subgroup: Final Report and Recommendations to the Web Services Steering Committee

University Libraries, Web Services Steering Committee Course Integration Exploratory Subgroup; Carrillo, Elena; Crowe, Stephanie; Fine, Elizabeth; Jeffryes, Jon; Lilyard, Caroline; Peterson, Kate (2009-06-05)
The Course Integration Exploratory Subgroup of the Web Services Steering Committee (WSSC) was charged with examining the educational technology used in courses at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus (UMN-TC) ...

A Multi-Dimensional Framework for Academic Support: Final Report

University of Minnesota Libraries (University of Minnesota Libraries, 2006-06)
The University of Minnesota Libraries received support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to develop a multi-dimensional model for assessing support for scholarship in the context of a large research campus. The project ...