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University of Minnesota Extension discovers science-based solutions, delivers practical education, and engages Minnesotans to build a better future.



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Civic Engagement: ResourceFULL Decisions and Collective Action on Public Issues

Radke, Barbara; Hinz, Lisa; Horntvedt, Jody; Chazdon, Scott; Hennen, Mary Ann; Allen, Ryan (2013)

4-H Skills for Life Animal Science Series. Horsing Around: Horse/Horseless Project Activity Guide

Russell, Mark; Warner, Rex; Miller-Graber, Peggy; Dunn, Dick; Antonewicz, Ray; Hoyt, Ron; Gianni, Vicky; Zurcher, Thomas D.; Hoppe, Jan; Bledsoe, Sara; Busch, Shannon (Minnesota Extension Service, 1994)
This project activity guide is for boys and girls who may or may not have a horse or pony of their own. The important thing is that they want to learn about horses. If they don't have a horse, some of the activities may ...

4-H Skills For Life Animal Science Series. Scratching the Surface: Project Activity Guide

Busch, Shannon; Hamre, Mel; Zurcher, Thomas D.; Struwe, John; Adams, Al; Varghese, Sam; Siemens, Cindy; Adams, Jim (Minnesota Extension Service, 1994)

Suggested ways for using Minnesota wild fruits

Brill, Grace D.; Nefstead, Sheryl P.; University of Minnesota, Agricultural Extension Service (University of Minnesota, Agricultural Extension Service, 1972-04)

Ceiling Airtightness and the Role of Air Barriers and Vapor Retarders.

Peterson, Roger A.; Hendricks, Lewis T.; University of Minnesota, Minnesota Extension Service (University of Minnesota, Minnesota Extension Service, 1988)

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