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University of Minnesota Extension discovers science-based solutions, delivers practical education, and engages Minnesotans to build a better future.



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Growing Asparagus in Minnesota

Klodd, Annie; Hoidal, Natalie; Rosen, Carl; Fritz, Vince; Tong, Cindy; Hutchison, Bill; Hahn, Jeffrey; Modderman, Chryseis; Keaveny, Theresa; Walker, Jason (2020-10-20)
This 24-page guide provides farmers and advanced gardeners with recommendations for growing asparagus in Minnesota. The practices described in this guide aim to support economically and environmentally sustainable asparagus ...

Lake of the Woods Solid Waste Policy Report

Krause, Lindsey (2020-08)
Research was conducted for Lake of the Woods County to find policy solutions for the budgetary deficits the county solid waste system and emergency services received in winter of 2020. The deficits were due to the record ...

Financial Education and Family Asset Protection

Latino Financial Literacy team (University of Minnesota Extension, 2018)

Latino Financial Literacy Team 2019 Report

Alba Meraz, Antonio; Mendoza, Francisca; Lamas, Jose; Burk, Gabriela (University of Minnesota Extension, 2020)

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