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Public Policy: Professional Papers  [406]

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Violence Prevention as a Public Health Goal in Ramsey County, MN: Paths Forward for Equitable, Community-Centered Priority Setting Processes

Dorman, Amy, R (2021-05)
Public health priority setting processes through Community Health Improvement Plans at the local level are designed to be community-centered. Yet, debate continues around whether objective, data-driven decision-making or ...

Toxic Cycles of Development: Brownfield Redevelopment and Environmental Justice Implications

Davis, Evan A (2020-05-21)
Toxicity, simply defined, indicates the presence of harmful, poisonous, or contaminant substances. The concepts of harm, poison, and contamination, however, are useless if we do not recognize how they interact with humans, ...

Redesigning Guardianship: How Universal Redesign Concepts Can Impact a Redesign of the Guardianship Process in Minnesota

Sanders, Megan (2020-05-19)
Service providers and policymakers in the field of disability are faced with a difficult balance of protecting individuals but also allowing individuals self-determination. Particularly, the Fourth Judicial District Probate ...

Solar Development of Farmland in Minnesota: Mapping scenarios based on ten metrics at the nexus of solar and agriculture

Ingulsrud, Alex (2020-05-18)
The growing use of farmland for solar is an emerging energy policy issue. Solar has opportunity costs to farming, but pollinator friendly solar provides valuable ecosystem services for cleaning up the land use footprint ...

Understanding the Contrasting Manufacturing Trends of Egypt and Bangladesh

Rana, Sohel (2020-05-04)
A strong manufacturing sector has historically been linked to the engine of economic growth. An analysis of macroeconomic indicators shows that two developing economies Egypt and Bangladesh, have taken an opposite trajectory ...

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