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Andre J. Nault  [5]

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E-supplement to: Identifying hazards in animal food: A method for evaluation of scientific literature and recall history

Evanson, Jessica; Alexander, Catherine; Sampedro, Fernando; Boyer, Tim; Nault, Andre J.; Goldsmith, Timothy J. (2017)

Open Access of Publications by Veterinary Faculty in the United States and Canada

Nault, Andre J (Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, 2011)
The free availability of full-text veterinary publications in MEDLINE-indexed journals by US and Canadian veterinary faculty from 2006–7 was determined. Additionally, publishing databases were searched to obtain general ...

Environmental Contaminants in Redheads Wintering in Coastal Louisiana and Texas

Michot, T.C.; Custer, T.W.; Nault, A.J.; Mitchell, C.A. (Springer, 1994-05)
Whole body and liver analyses indicated that wintering redheads (Aythya americana; n=70) in coastal Louisiana (one site) and Texas (two sites) were relatively free of contamination with common trace elements, organochlorines, ...