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Center for Community and Regional Research (CCRR)  [42]

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The primary focus of the Center for Community and Regional Research (CCRR) is community-based education at the University of Minnesota Duluth, providing faculty and students in the social and natural sciences and related fields the opportunity to work with local and regional community organizations. With this focus, students apply research skills and principles of social engagement and analysis, UMD faculty receive funding for projects in which they apply their expert knowledge and skills in a real-world local context, and local organizations, communities and agencies benefit through research on issues central to them. CCRR is a unit of the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) at UMD. CLA enables the Center to better link with other research and outreach initiatives in the College, and at UMD, therefore creating greater and farther reaching opportunities for students, faculty and communities.

Note: CCRR became inactive in the mid-2010s due to budget cuts, which affected the Center's funding from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs.

Recently Added

Western Waterfront Trail Extension Proposal

Follis, Samantha; Stark, Stacey; Pine, Adam (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2009)
The extension that is proposed to run through the Morgan Park community beginning in Riverside shows a great amount of economic, business, and recreational development potential. With a grassroots approach led by community ...

The Duluth Community News Project: Examining the impact of community-based reporting on student perceptions of journalism and community

Hatcher, John A (2008)
This study analyzes a community-based reporting project at a Midwestern university in a city of 90,000. Qualitative pre- and post-test analysis of students’ perceptions of the community and of the journalism they were ...

Process Evaluation of the North St. Louis County Drug Court

Weidner, Robert R; Zafft, Kathryn M (Center for Community and Regional Research, 2009-04)
This executive summary offers a synopsis of the major findings from a process evaluation of the North St. Louis County Drug Court for the first 16 months of its operation. Most of the findings are based on analyses of all ...

Bringing Wind Power to Local Communities

Mageau, Mike; Stauff, Janelle; Hynum, Nicole (2007-01-22)
Center for Sustainable Community Development (CSCD) has been working with three local communities to advance their wind power initiatives; the Grand Portage Indian Reservation, Proctor School District, and the city of ...

Archaeology As Environmental Education: Investigations at the Bay View Point Site, Duluth, Minnesota

Jones, Jennifer E; Mulholland, Susan C (Center for Community and Regional Research, 2009-09)
Support from the Center For Community and Regional Research was used to conduct laboratory analysis of materials recovered from the 2008 field work at the Bay View School Forest. Three UMD students were employed to analyze ...

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