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Medical School, Duluth Campus  [10]

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The Medical School, Duluth Campus was conceived of, proposed, and approved during the late 1960s and created during the early 1970s. The first class entered in 1972. The Medical School, Duluth Campus is also often referred to as the School of Medicine.

For more information about the University of Minnesota Medical School in the Twin Cities (not just the Duluth Campus at the University of Minnesota Duluth), please see the Medical School collection.

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Duluth - An Excellent Site for a Second Medical School

Northern Minnesota Council for Medical Education (1968-05-08)
If the decision is made by the Legislature that a second medical school should be established in the State, in addition to expanding the Health Sciences facilities and programs on the Twin Cities campus of the University ...

Program Review and Long Range Planning

University of Minnesota, Duluth (1979-12)
As the University of Minnesota, Duluth, School of Medicine enters the decade of the eighties, the importance of integrating planning processes and allocation of resources is important. Effective planning will allow the ...

Report of the Special House Committee on the Need for a Second Medical School

Unknown author (1969-04)
Pursuant to direction of the 1967 session of the Minnesota Legislature, the House Rules Committee appointed a committee from members of the House Appropriations Committee to a continuing study of the need for expanding ...

Major Medical Center for Northern Minnesota

University of Minnesota, Duluth (1971)

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