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Degree Culminating Works (all departments)  [535]

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This is a collection of various types of works created by University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) graduate (including doctoral) students as a requirement for receiving their master's or PhD degrees from programs based at UMD. It includes dissertations (for PhD degrees), theses (for "Plan A" thesis-based master's degrees), projects (for "Plan B" project-based master's degrees), and papers (for "Plan C" coursework-based master's degrees).

Please note, this collection contains only some of the degree-culminating works produced by UMD graduate students. Additional dissertations and theses (not Plan Bs or Plan Cs) can be found in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities "Dissertations and Theses" collection.

Recently Added

The Impact of Gender Emotional Display Stereotypes on Leader Evaluations

Theisen, Claire M (2022-05)
The present study tested the hypothesis that gender and emotional display (anger, sadness, or neutrality) affect how leaders are perceived. Participants watched a Zoom meeting clip that demonstrated an emotional message ...

Children Receiving Services at a Community Child Advocacy Center: A Mixed-Method Examination of Early Maladaptive Schemas and Coping Responses

Zheng, Linda (2022-05)
Schemas are core emotional and cognitive themes regarding oneself and one’s environment. Early maladaptive schemas (EMS) are themes originating from childhood and are associated with unmet emotional needs and adverse ...

River Quest: A Programmatic Evaluation

Munshower, Ellen (2022-03-24)
The purpose of this evaluative study was to assess to what extent that the River Quest program in Duluth, MN achieves its mission of “enhance[ing] awareness and understanding of the St. Louis River ecosystem and interrelated ...

Garden-based learning in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin nature preschools: An exploratory inquiry

Diem, Haley B (2022-05)
The purpose of this inquiry was to explore how garden-based learning is integrated into programming at three different nature preschools in northeastern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin. Within this central aim, it sought ...

The Influence of Primed Romantic Attachment on Attitudes Toward Consensual Non-Monogamy with a Mediating Role of Romantic Jealousy

Muzzy, Brieanna M (2022-04)
Although monogamy is the most common romantic relationship arrangement in Western cultures, interest and prevalence of consensual non-monogamy (CNM; romantic relationships negotiated between two or more people and therefore ...

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