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Master's Degree Culminating Works (all departments)  [65]

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This is a collection of various types of works submitted by University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) graduate students as a requirement for receiving their master's degrees from programs based at UMD. It includes theses (for "Plan A" thesis-based degrees), projects (for "Plan B" project-based degrees), and papers (for "Plan C" coursework-based degrees). For more information about the distinctions between Plan As, Plan Bs, and Plan Cs, see the UMD Graduate School Degree Requirements webpage at

Recently Added

Impact of Consumer Demographic Characteristics on Adoption Rate of Electric Transportation

Schmitt, Pamela A (2019-05)
This study sought to contribute additional research to advancing electric transportation through identifying correlations between demographic characteristics and a consumer’s interest in adopting electric transportation. ...

Learning Gender: An Exploration of Binary Gender Stereotypes in American High Schools

Peters, Margaret I (2019-06)
For LGBTQIA high school students, binary gender stereotypes can create social barriers that are difficult for LGBTQIA students to navigate through. This study explores the experiences five LGBTQIA university students had ...

A Case Study of Relationships Forged Through a Freshman Outdoor Orientation Program

Nelson, Mollie M (2019-05)
A case study was conducted at a mid-size, Midwestern Campus to explore the nature of interpersonal relationships formed during a pre-college outdoor orientation experience among a group of three first-year students. This ...

Factors that Affect Athlete’s Perception and Evaluation of Coaching Behaviors

Mathews, Jessica R (2019-05)
The purpose of this study was to investigate specific factors that affect an athlete’s perception and evaluation of coaching behaviors. All great relationships are built on key components such as time commitment, trust, ...

Studying the Role of the College Coach As Educator

Krueger, Anthony J (2019-05)
The purpose of the current study was to gain insight into how collegiate head coaches describe and understand their role as educators. The role of educating as a facet of coaching practice is well established in research ...

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