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Degree Culminating Works (all departments)  [402]

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This is a collection of various types of works created by University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) graduate (including doctoral) students as a requirement for receiving their master's or PhD degrees from programs based at UMD. It includes dissertations (for PhD degrees), theses (for "Plan A" thesis-based master's degrees), projects (for "Plan B" project-based master's degrees), and papers (for "Plan C" coursework-based master's degrees).

Please note, this collection contains only some of the degree-culminating works produced by UMD graduate students. Additional dissertations and theses (not Plan Bs or Plan Cs) can be found in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities "Dissertations and Theses" collection.

Recently Added

Benefits of Group-based Wilderness Trips for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Lindberg, Matthew (2018-12-14)
Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have difficulty with communication, social interaction and repetitive behaviors or thoughts (Heflin & Alaimo, 2007). These deficiencies can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, ...

Academically Dismissed Students: A Perplexing Problem

Ramsey, Hilary B (2010)
New freshman students who participated in a mandatory freshman welcome week still landed in academic dismissal status. The researcher used an electronic survey tool sent to academically dismissed students who re-enrolled ...

Effect of Participation in SMDC Medical Center Adult Partial Hospitalization Program on Patient Outcomes

McClernon, Mary (2010-05)
The purpose of this research study was to examine whether patients show improvement in their level of functioning after participation in the SMDC Medical Center Adult Partial Hospitalization Program (APH). APH is an ...

Examining the effect of the Hunter's Choice: Alternative Ammunition project on Minnesota deer hunters' knowledge, attitudes, behavioral intentions, and behaviors regarding lead ammunition

Henry, Kate (2016-05)
This study examined the effect of the Hunter’s Choice: Alternative Ammunition openhouse style demonstration clinics and presentations at mentored hunt orientations on participants’ knowledge regarding lead ammunition, ...

iPaddle - Incorporating the Use of iPads ® into an Outdoor Education Curriculum

Fillmore, Sheila G (2016-06)
The intersection of hand-held mobile digital technology and environmental education (EE) is a relatively new and unexplored concept. Thus, there is little information on how to effectively incorporate the use of iPads ® ...

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