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University of Minnesota Experimental Forests  [2]

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Defining the University of Minnesota Experimental Forests Landbase

Gill, Kyle G; Johnson, Lane B; Olesiak, Rachael A; Prange, Rebecca J; David, Andrew J (2019-12)
According to the University of Minnesota Real Estate Office the Allred Trust, the Boone Trust, the Cloquet Forestry Center (CFC), and the Hubachek Wilderness Research Center (HWRC) are properties across northeastern Minnesota ...

Cloquet Forestry Center Research Papers and Reports 1912-2011

Severs, Ronald; Alm, Alvin A; Olson, Rylie (Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 2012)
This listing is an update of a listing published by Avin Alm in 1988 titled: Cloquet Forestry Center Papers and Reports for the 75-Year Period From 1912-1987. This paper provides a listing of reports, theses, and journal ...