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Guide for Team Leaders

Benson, Jane; Lilly, Mary P. (2017)
The Guide for Team Leaders is designed to inspire personal exploration of leadership within PAL, SI, and related academic support programs. Depending on the program, there may already be an existing structure in place where ...

Two (or More) Heads are Better than One: Adventures in leading group learning

Walker Ohs, Lana; Lilly, Mary P (2010)
Whether as study group leaders, undergraduate TA’s, or tutors, college students working in peer-led academic support programs have a unique role in the learning environment - acting as model students and sharing their ...

Tried and Tweaked: Activities to re-energize peer learning sessions

Lilly, Mary P; Paz, Justin (2014)
“Tried and Tweaked: Activities to re-energize peer-learning sessions” is a collection of activities designed and conducted by undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota to use in their role as facilitators leading ...

Guide for Peer Learning Facilitators

Lilly, Mary P; Sands, Jessica (2019-04)
The Guide for Peer Learning Facilitators is the foundation of a formal training program at the University of Minnesota, in which undergraduate students learn how to lead weekly study sessions for their peers in a classroom ...