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Tourism Center  [246]

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Since 1986, the University of Minnesota Tourism Center has been a source of education and research for Minnesota, the United States, and many countries. Similar Centers exist across the U.S. The Tourism Center conducts tourism research and provides education and outreach programs for the tourism industry, community groups and students.

Recently Added

Hastings Tourism Assessment: Ripple Effects Mapping Report

Weber, Ella; Chazdon, Scott; Messer, Cynthia, C.; Hawkins, Jennifer (2019)

Tourism Development Opportunities in Scandia, Minnesota

Messer, Cynthia, C.; Koerte, Tammy (2019-05)
This report explores tourism opportunities from a supply and demand perspective, and focuses on Scandia’s structure for tourism, enhancing Scandia’s tourism assets and infrastructure, and marketing. The following actions ...

Cultural and Economic Contribution of the Beltrami County Fair

Tuck, Brigid; Qian, Xinyi; Bhattacharyya, Rani (2019)

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