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Correlated Electron Systems - Novel Developments Workshop 2018  [21]

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Carrier Density Control of Magnetism and Hall Effects in EuTiO3 Films

Steemer, Susanne (2018-05)
The topological Hall effect is a hallmark of topologically nontrivial (chiral) spin textures and can be observed as a distinct, additional contribution in Hall measurements that is superposed on the ordinary and anomalous ...

Normal and Superconducting state of doped Strontium Titanate

Gastiasoro, Maria (2018-05)
SrTiO is one of the most extensively studied perovskite oxides. Charge transport in the normal state and the origin of superconductivity are however still a source of debate in this material. In the first part of the ...

The Quest for a Quantum Spin Liquid 

Broholm, Collin (2018-05)
In the ongoing quest for a robust realization of a quantum spin liquid, a range of interesting magnetic materials and phenomena have been discovered. I shall review experiments probing interacting quantum spins on kagome, ...

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