AF Spin Gap Limits the Coherent SC Gap in Cuprates

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AF Spin Gap Limits the Coherent SC Gap in Cuprates

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We have performed inelastic neutron scattering measurements of the magnetic excitations in La(2-x)Sr(x)CuO(4) at doping levels on both sides of the putative quantum critical point, in both the superconducting and normal states. The low-energy excitations look similar at both dopings: there is a peak in the magnetic spectral weight at 15-20 meV, and the spin gap (~ 7 meV) in the superconducting state develops on the low-energy side of this peak. Past work in a magnetic field indicates that suppressing the superconducting order only causes the spin gap to fill in—there is no evidence of critical behavior of the peak in spectral weight. I will discuss this result in the broader context of magnetic correlations in the cuprates.


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Tranquada, John. (2018). AF Spin Gap Limits the Coherent SC Gap in Cuprates. Retrieved from the University Digital Conservancy,

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