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Center for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources  [114]

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Extension Center for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) brings together University experts from many disciplines to address the complex demands put on our land and water and develop balanced, comprehensive solutions. We provide effective, research-based education and integrate diverse perspectives to address critical issues impacting Minnesota's food, agriculture, and natural resources. Because we are part of the communities we serve, we can identify needs early, set up related research as needed, and develop educational programs to bring information and training to the community.

Recently Added

Nutrient Management Planner for Minnesota Version 4.0

Blanchet, Kevin; King, Jeff; St. Ores, Jeff; Everett, Leslie; Lewandowski, Ann (University of Minnesota Extension, 2012-07)
For use with Windows 7 and Access 2010. This Microsoft Access program is designed to assist in developing an annual field-specific nutrient management plan. However Version 4.0 also contains most forms and information ...

FLOWERS FOR POLLINATORS STUDY 2015-2018: RESULTS / Annual flowers that attract pollinators

Weisenhorn, Julie E. (2019)
Annual flowers have been a long-time favorite plant for gardens of all kinds. They provide instant color and interest, and are relatively easy to grow. They are also an important part of early season sales for the gardening ...

Needs Assessment of Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Producers

Klodd, Annie; Hoidal, Natalie (2019-11-20)
This report summarizes the findings of a needs assessment with commercial fruit and vegetable growers in Minnesota completed over the winter of 2018-2019, as well as a follow-up retreat with individuals representing ...

Driven to Discover: Facilitator’s Guide to Conducting Citizen Science and Science Investigations

Strauss, A.L.; Thompson, A.L.; Oberhauser, K.S.; Blair, R.B. (University of Minnesota Extension, 2019)

Minnesota Trees

Rathke, David M. (University of Minnesota. Minnesota Extension Service, 2006)

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