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Plant Pathology Faculty and Staff Research  [10]

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Genome editing in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) to hyper-accumulate phosphate

Samac, Deborah A; Miller, Susan S; Dornbusch, Melinda R; Curtin, Shaun J (2019)
Rock phosphate, the main source of phosphate (P) for crop fertilizers, is a finite resource that is predicted to be depleted in 50-100 years. P is a critical nutrient in agriculture and its application can dramatically ...

Lignin reduction in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) does not affect foliar disease resistance

Samac, Deborah A; Ao, Samadangla; Dornbusch, Melinda R; Grev, Amanda M; Wells, M Scott; Martinson, Krishona; Sheaffer, Craig C (2018)
Disruptions in the lignin biosynthetic pathway have been shown to reduce disease resistance in a number of crops. Recently, genetically modified alfalfa (Medicago sativa) varieties have been marketed with reduced lignin ...

Alfalfa leaf protein concentrate: A sustainable protein source for aquaculture feeds

Samac, Deborah A; Coburn, Jessica E M; Phelps, Nicholas; Wells, M Scott (2019)
Interest in local, sustainable aquaculture is continuing to expand across the United States. To ensure profitability and high consumer acceptance, a plant-based non-GMO source of protein is needed for replacing fishmeal ...

Transgenic expression of Medicago truncatula PR10 and PR5 promoters in alfalfa shows pathogen induced up-regulation of transgene expression

Sathoff, Andrew E; Samac, Deborah A (2016)
Genetic modification of alfalfa for introduction of novel traits requires promoters for controlling gene expression. Promoters that are constitutively activated for expression of genes that enhance disease resistance pose ...

Antimicrobial Activity of Brassica rapa Nectar Lipid Transfer Protein

Sathoff, Andrew E; Samac, Deborah A; Holl, Catherine; Schmidt, Tony; Carter, Clay (2017)
Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) provide an ancient, innate immunity conserved in all multicellular organisms. In plants, there are several large families of AMPs defined by sequence similarity. The nonspecific lipid transfer ...

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