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Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy Research Briefs and Papers  [4]

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Cooperative Climate Change R&D That Works

Chan, Gabriel; Rook, Jill; Chowdhury, Ashfaqul (2016-11)
Developments in international climate policy over the past five years have broadened the scope of technology policy in contributing to mitigation goals. Beyond the traditional model of technology transfer, new efforts have ...

Guidelines for a Sectoral Sustainable Development Mechanism in the Post-2020 Climate Regime

Chan, Gabriel; Bloomquist, Haley; Denk, Brianna; Hillstrom, Alexandra (2016-11)
We propose a set of guidelines for a Sustainable Development Mechanism (SDM), a new market-based mechanism under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. We propose that a new SDM should adopt a sectoral approach for facilitating ...

Design choices and equity implications of community shared solar

Chan, Gabriel; Evans, Isaac; Grimley, Matthew; Ihde, Ben; Mazumder, Poulomi (Elsevier, 2017)
What is the best way to deploy solar energy to maximize clean energy growth while equitably sharing benefits? A promising model is community shared solar, which enables energy consumers to purchase shares of electricity ...

Linking Gender Policy and Climate Finance

Chan, Gabriel; Forsberg, Lindsey; Garnaas-Halvorson, Peder; Holte, Samantha (2017-11)
The goal of gender equity is increasingly linked to climate change policy under the assumption that this “issue linkage” will produce important synergies and co-benefits. While the logic and practice of the gender-climate ...