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Archives and Special Collections  [8750]

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Kathryn A. Martin Library Archives and Special Collections staff collects, maintains, and provides long-term preservation and access to materials that document the University of Minnesota Duluth and Northeastern Minnesota.

The archives collections include the official publications, photographs, memorabilia, and non-current office records of UMD. These materials have been collected from departments, administrators, faculty, staff, student organizations, students, and alumni.

Special Collections include library and archival materials in many formats (rare books, manuscripts, photographs, etc.) that are generally characterized by their artifactual or monetary value, physical format, uniqueness or rarity. They generally are housed in a separate unit with specialized security and user services and are usually non-circulating.

Recently Added

UMD Commencement (2021-05)

University of Minnesota Duluth (2021)

Gallery Talk with Bill Shipley - Asymmetry: Three-Dimensional Works from the Tweed Collection (2019-09-07)

Shipley, Bill; University of Minnesota Duluth. Tweed Museum of Art (2019)

Writing for Rent: Busting the Myths of a Career in the Arts (2019-10-09)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Department of English, Linguistics, and Writing Studies (2019)

Using Citizen Science to Communicate and Catalyze Plant Chemical and Genomic Research (2020-10-30)

Busta, Lucas; University of Minnesota Duluth. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (2020)
A perhaps unexpected challenge facing scientists is the public’s perception and understanding of our enterprise. In part, it falls to we the scientists to remedy this problem. One avenue for communicating that we are ...

Focusing on COVID-19 Research and Implications (2020-11-18)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Medical School, Duluth Campus (2020)

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