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Hispanic Issues On Line (HIOL)  [447]

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HIOL: Hispanic Issues On Line is an open-access, refereed scholarly electronic publication devoted to the study of Hispanic and Lusophone cultures. The journal aims to be an international forum for the analysis of current issues in our disciplines as well as a venue for new research dealing with areas of inquiry such as Literary Criticism, Theory and Historiography, Popular and Mass Culture, Hispanic Cultural Studies, Literature and Institutions, and Hispanic Sociolinguistics.

HIOL also publishes Debates, dedicated to an open exchange of ideas related to issues discussed within the Hispanic Issues Series and the HIOL electronic journal. Our editorial team welcomes the intellectual energy generated by the exchanges included in this section. Our aim is to offer a venue for a diversity of views on matters dealing with our disciplines. It should be noted, however, that we might not always agree with the views or opinions expressed in these pages.


Recently Added

Spaces of confinement

Phillips, Brian M.; Colbert Cairns, Emily (Hispanic Issues Series, 2020)

The devotional space of performance in Counter-Reformation Spain

Cammarata, Joan F. (Hispanic Issues Series, 2020)
Chapter 1

The prayer of the walled-up woman: devotion and superstition in Spain (1450-1550)

Cavero Domínguez, Gregoria (Hispanic Issues Series, 2020)
Chapter 2

Confined conversion: critiquing institutional care for women in seventeenth-century Madrid

Boyle, Margaret E. (Hispanic Issues Series, 2020)
Chapter 3

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