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This Was My Thesis

Krasean, Joseph, J (2017-08)

MFA Creative Thesis; Welcome to the Ergosphere

petersen, alex m (University of Minnesota, Department of Art, 2017-05-17)
MFA Creative Thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Master of Fine Arts Degree in Art. An exploration of queer fantasy, drawing, and theoretical processes. Submitted by alex m. petersen. May 17th, 2017.

Different states of disorientation

Hakim Javadi, Nooshin (University of Minnesota, Department of Art, 2017-04)

To Be Played at Maximum Volume

Pettis, Bianca (University of Minnesota Art Department, 2017)

Borderland / Stills and Motion. MFA Thesis University of Minnesota, Department of Art

Tavera Castro, Xavier (University of Minnesota, Department of Art, 2017-05)

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