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College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) Graduate Programs  [102]

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Dialed Up: The Economics of Sustainable Farming

Paulson, Elleni (2021)
This podcast, called Dialed Up, is an assessment of the economics of sustainable farming. The podcast and associated materials assess two of the largest economic incentives driving farmers to adopt sustainable farming ...

A 10-Year Assessment of Equitable Geographic Inclusion in Minnesota's Legacy Amendment

Alfaro, Benjamin D (2021-07)
As a dynamic model for public funding to the arts - and the single largest state-based conservation finance measure to pass in the nation's history - Minnesota's Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment dictates annual ...

Repair Joy: How small acts of repairing and creatively repurposing existing objects can foster social connection and lead to meaningful climate change solutions

Sanford, Molly (2021-07)
Repair culture, a social movement in which people value and practice repairing broken belongings over replacing them, could disrupt rampant American consumerism. Repair enthusiasts believe their actions, even very small ...

Of, By, and For: Women of Color in the Arts and the Decolonial Journey

David, Kimberly (2021-08)
My research seeks to expand the discourse around decolonization by further dismantling and complicating the homogenous narrative of women of color in the arts within the colonial legacy. This work aims to reinforce the ...

BIPOC exclusion from Milwaukee's professional theatre organizations: An inquiry into systemic change

Esposito, Amy (2021-08)
Arts organizations in the nonprofit sector often seek to create social change in their communities as a response to art rather than exclusively creating art for its entertainment value. As the United States continues to ...

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