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St. Anthony Falls Laboratory  [621]

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The St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) was designed and built in the 1930s under the direction of Lorenz G. Straub with funds from the Works Progress Administration and the University of Minnesota. The building was dedicated on November 17, 1938 and the Laboratory began its work in hydraulic and river engineering research as part of the Department of Civil Engineering.

Today SAFL is an interdisciplinary fluid mechanics research and research training facility of the College of Science and Engineering. Research focuses on environmental, energy, and health challenges.

Current information about SAFL and its programs is at

Recently Added

Quantifying wind‐wave energy on Minnesota Lakes

Herb, William; Janke, Ben; Stefan, Heinz (2016-07)

Wind Variability over a Small and Sheltered Lake: Trout Lake Field Study

Resseger, Emily L. (2013-02)
Wind is one of the most important, highly uncertain, and least investigated drivers of lake processes. In lake modeling, the wind over a lake is often estimated from point measurements at a remote weather station. Whether ...

Assessing Iron-Enhanced Swales for Pollution Prevention

Natarajan, Poornima; Gulliver, John S. (2015-09)
The treatment of dissolved phosphorus and metals in runoff requires specialized filtration media, which, however, is not accounted for in the typical swale ditch check designs currently employed. In this project, ditch ...

Monitoring an Iron-Enhanced Sand Filter Trench for the Capture of Phosphate from Stormwater Runoff

Erickson, Andrew J.; Gulliver, John S.; Weiss, Peter T. (2015-09)
This monitoring project was performed on an iron enhanced sand filtration (IESF) trench in the City of Prior Lake. Water from the pond and IESF trench discharges into a wetland that ultimately drains into Upper Prior Lake. ...

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